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— Dec 23, 2015

How to get the Best Wedding Video │Videographers │Free Wedding Planning

Wedding videography packages range from $1,000 plus…, and the styles are just as varied. Use these tips to help you find the…

— Dec 22, 2015

How to handle common Wedding Crises │Wedding Problems │Free Wedding Planning

Here's how to handle the most common wedding crises, so when your this-can't-be-happening moment arrives, you'll be ready.

— Dec 17, 2015

Why you need a Travel Agent │Travel Agents │Free Wedding Planning

Travel Agent? I know, you think you can do it yourself. However, planning a honeymoon takes a little more than just planning the…

— Dec 15, 2015

Why you need a Wedding Planner │Wedding Planners │Free Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be super stressful, I would know because I just had mine. If I had it to do over I would have hired a…

— Dec 9, 2015

What to do after you get engaged │Engaged │Free Wedding Planning

Yay! You’re engaged! Welcome to the wide world of Wedding Land. It can be a little scary and a lot fun (but don’t worry, we’re…

— Dec 5, 2015

Finding the Perfect Venue │ Venues │Free Wedding Planning

So you’ve picked a wedding date and you’ve started to visualize your perfect day, but you are still missing a huge part: The…

— Dec 2, 2015

Choosing the Perfect Photographer │Wedding Photography │Free Wedding Planning

The unfortunate thing about your big day is that it is, well, only one day. Fortunately, the right wedding photographer can…

— Dec 1, 2015

Early Bird Black Friday Sale | Bridal Event | Free Wedding Planning

Our Early Bird Black Friday Sale was a huge success! With lots of fun, and TONS of prize giveaways and sales.

— Nov 18, 2015

Social Media Wedding Etiquette│Wedding Etiquette│Free Wedding Planning

In the world of wedding hashtags, status updates and tweets, we bring you the most common social-media-related wedding mistakes…

— Nov 17, 2015

Having an Expensive Wedding on a Budget │Wedding Budgets │Free Wedding Planning

My Wedding Group offers their expertise on how to fashion a beautiful budgeted wedding that looks like a million-dollar affair.

— Sep 19, 2015

Hyatt Regency Greenville | My Wedding Group

With their modern architecture and breathtaking décor, Hyatt Regency Greenville is the perfect place for a beautiful rehearsal,…

— Sep 5, 2015

Old Cigar Warehouse | My Wedding Group

This venue has been nothing short of successful from the launch of their sister company, Liquid Catering, hosting over 400…