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B&R Events has been in business since 2004, though then you would have just called

Debbie and Sam.

We became B&R in 2006 after being told for years that we should start our own

business. Instead of calling Debbie Benamati and Samantha Radandt, you now get to

call B & R Events, LLC.

We became wedding planners because we have a passion for FUN things. We love to

laugh and celebrate.

Debbie has a formal background in visual and graphic arts and lighting design.

She raised two children who consistently “volunteered” her for school and
community events requiring creative flair, hours of work and dedication and little or
no funding. Samantha has her degree in communication and marketing and loves
having a plan (and spreadsheets!). Samantha loves food, wine, and flowers more
than a lot of things. (But never more than her hubby or dogs.)

We are also two of the most frugal people you will ever meet in your entire life.

We love numbers and details, which is a rare quality in creative people.

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