Written by Katie Cotton, owner and photographer at Cotton Rouge Photo.


A boudoir shoot can mark any number of milestones in your life! Some might be a little more obvious and some might not be!  Here is a list of just a few of the many reasons to do a boudoir shoot!

1.  Let's start with an obvious one... to celebrate YOU in all your awesome girl power glory! There needs to be no other reason than that.


2. It makes a FANASTIC groom's gift!  You know, sort of that reminder that he has his own personal Victoria's Secret model to look at. No need to look anywhere else ever again!

3. If you need a little more of a reason to do this before the big day, get your best ladies together and do it in lieu of a bachelorette party!


Or BEFORE the party and then everyone will be all dolled up before you hit the town!


You obviously won't all be in the photo together! Each gal gets her own shoot experience.


Truly though, this makes a great time for ANY girl's night! It doesn't have to just be for bachelorette parties!

4.  A 1st Anniversary Gift. Ok, so life overwhelmed you before your wedding and you weren't able to squeeze a shoot in. Well, traditionally the first anniversary gift is paper, sooooooooo....


5.  Or a Second... Yep, first year bliss was awesome, but you still missed the boudoir shoot.  Well, the 2nd anniversary gift is Cotton.  So you can be wrapped up in nothing but cotton sheets, am I right?  Or maybe you didn't even know that boudoir existed in the first years of your marriage.  No worries, we think this makes a great gift for any anniversary!


6.  It also makes an awesome birthday present for your significant other!



7. AND it makes an awesome birthday present for you! What better way to celebrate YOU, with your beautiful self, than baring it all for a confidence-boosting session?



8. Christmas. This is a great time to leave something a little naughty under the tree!



9. If you're keeping it so romantic, Valentine's Day is the best time to give this sexy little gift to your sweetheart.

10. Maternity boudoir is also quite the thing! Don't knock it til you try it. It can be sexy and sassy, or maybe a little more casual as your are wrapped in nothing but a sheet in front of a beautiful window of light showing off your precious growing bump!



11.  Current Mommy Confidence Boost. If you've already had kids, and aren't quite feeling back to your sexy self, having a boudoir session is a great way to get you there! You're gorgeous, Mama. And you deserve it.

12.  Why not a Father's Day gift?  Does he reeeeeally need another neck tie? Maybe you should wear nothing but the neck tie for your shoot! (Are you having as much fun as we are?)


13.  Maybe you feel your sexy self is long gone as your kids have gotten older or maybe are even out of the house. We call these the "I still got it" sessions!


14.  Speaking of still having it. . . we've done plenty of separation shoots.


Women who have gone through the "D" word and really just need reminding of how amazing and beautiful they really are schedule these to help them realize the amount of love they have for themselves. We all need a boost!



15.  Last but certainly not least on our list is one of the most powerful (and emotional!) reasons of all. It also wraps up my most rewarding shoots! 


For my cancer warrior and survivors (particularly those with breast cancer), to celebrate who you are before a masectomy or embracing your new you after... kicking cancer's ass and showing it who is truly the Queen in that scenario is the ultimate session!


Katie Cotton - Cotton Rouge Photo




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