Posted by MWG on February 8, 2017


Okay guys, let’s talk about the one thing that can make or break a wedding...the FOOD. Picking your caterer is one the most important parts of your wedding, and can also be one of the hardest. Holmes Catering was having their quarterly tasting, so I decided to do the hard work of going and tasting their food (it’s a tough job, but someone had to).


The Tasting

Instead of doing individual tastings every time a bride calls, Holmes Catering hosts a quarterly tasting that is invite only. They will pull the most popular items from the submitted menus, and serve those. They also have a few other vendors there, like DJ’sPhotographersPlannersFloristsBakers, etc, that you can talk with. I really liked this idea, because you could kind of see how they would have everything set up at your wedding. It definitely stands out amongst the other tastings I've been to!


The Menu

Here is the menu they served at the tasting:


Now, I can tend to be picky with some things, but I liked EVERYTHING. The Cinnamon Roll Station had a fountain of icing falling down that I wanted to take a bath in! If I was trying to make an actual decision for my wedding, I would probably end up picking the entire menu because everything was so good!


What Makes Holmes Catering Different?

 What makes Holmes Catering stand out to me, is how much they include, as well as their displays. They don’t just serve everything on aluminum platters. They serve everything on unique serving displays that make your food look as good as it tastes! You can send them pictures of that your decor looks like, and they will use something that goes with it. The pricing they give you includes the food, drink goblet, waitstaff, clean up, utensils, dishes, linens, and decor. Because they have everything in-house, it is much cheaper than places that have to rent items from somewhere else. This also includes them cutting your cake, and plastic forks and plates to serve them with. They will bus and refill tables as well.


What Happens After I Contact Them?

You will either receive an email or phone call from them to set up a time to meet. They meet Monday-Thursday, and can stay late if needed.  When you get there, you will go to their office (which is filled with all kinds of cool serving pieces) and start talking about what kind of food you want. You can choose from their pre-made menu, or customize it. From there they will give you the info to their closest upcoming tasting, and talk about pricing. They will hold your date for 30 days before needing a deposit. Once you pay the deposit, you can make changes to your menu up to 30 days prior, guest counts 10 days prior, and your remaining balance is due 7 days prior to your wedding.


So if you are wanting amazing food, beautiful displays, and great service for your wedding, Then Holmes Catering is the place for you! Make sure to check out their website for more info!