This will be a fun, interactive event for everyone!

We will talk about the importance of networking as it relates to the steps to make the classic drink: the old fashioned!

We all know how important networking is. From clients to other vendors, networking is crucial for a small business. In the age of social media and now COVID-19, getting the most out of your networking efforts is key.

What we will be talking about goes further than attending social and business functions and speaking to the other attendees. It involves carefully creating a well thought-out plan to be intentional with your interactions with those who have the potential to have a positive impact on both your personal and organizational goals.

Just like the drink, the Old Fashioned way is classic and timeless. This event is an educational workshop that will allow vendors to relate the value and tools of old fashioned networking to the steps of making the classic drink: The Old Fashioned.

Everyone that attends will be provided with all the necessary supplies to make their own Old Fashioned!