Posted by myweddinggroup on June 4, 2016

Entertaining The Crowd

After all of the wedding planning you’ve done, the last thing you want is for your guests to get bored! Here are some ideas to keep your guests entertained the whole night!


Get a Magician

What better way to entertain your guests than blowing their minds with a magic show! You’d be surprised how having someone come to your guests table, and show them a couple magic tricks, can significantly impact their night! And make it a memorable one as well!


 A Live Band

Want a more personal music experience at your party? Get a live band! Whether it be a small jazz band playing some quiet tunes while your quests are eating, or a pop band to get your guests pumped as a finale to your special day. Either way you can’t go wrong!


Hire a Dance Instructor

No one likes an empty dance floor, but most of the time it’s because no one knows how to dance! You can hire a dance instructor for a couple of hours the week before, to teach your guests popular ballroom and line dances! They will usually teach it at their studio, and that way your guests can feel more confident on the dance floor!


Hire A Caricaturist

This is a fun thing for your guests to do during the reception, and it’s also a great memory for them to take home! #FreeWeddingFavors


Scavenger Hunt

This is something your DJ will do usually with your wedding party (since they have to do whatever you say that day). They will start sitting down in chairs, then the DJ will say “Go get someone’s left shoe” (etc.) and take a chair away. The last person to come back is out! Musical chairs and a scavenger hunt all-in-one!


Bar Tasting

Instead of having just a cocktail hour, you can have a bar tasting with wine, liquor, and beer. It will give the guests an experience, and give you extra time for the wedding pictures (since they’ll probably linger here a bit).


A Puzzle of the Couple

You can place different puzzles with pictures of you two on the tables, and give your guests something to do! They can also write notes on the back of the pieces for you as well! This one is also great for people who have kids! *bonus points*


Hire a Painter

You can hire an artist to paint a portrait of everything that happened at the reception! They will do it on-site, so your guests will love to watch the poses, and it will give you an amazing memory to take home with you! 


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