Posted by myweddinggroup on May 28, 2016

Finding The Veil

The veil…just when you thought there was one simple decision in the wedding process, think again! Veils can make or mess up your whole look. Here is a guide to help you make the perfect decision!   



This is the shortest length veil, and is actually one of the most popular. There is a lot of variety within the birdcage veil, so you will have plenty of options to choose from! They are super stylish and low-hassle.

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This is the part of the veil that will cover your face as you walk down the aisle. It can be added to any veil, and taken off easily if you’re not wearing your veil to the reception. Try to walk in it before hand to make sure you can see where you’re going!




This veil ends anywhere from your shoulders, to the middle of your back. They are not commonly worn anymore, but are great for dresses with a lot of detail you want to show off.




This veil is great if you are wearing a ball-gown dress since it will end right where the skirt begins, and won’t leave you with even more fabric on the bottom to deal with! If worn with a simple dress, the veil’s look turns more informal, so it’s also ideal for outside or daytime weddings




If you loved Kate Middleton’s look, then this is the veil for you! This length flatters most brides and their dresses, so it’s also one of the most popular choices.




This length is perfect if you want the look of a longer veil, but also want to be able to dance in it! It ends anywhere between the knee and the ankle.




This is one of the statement veils! It will fall all the way to the ground, and will have a small train (which is great is you’re clumsy like me). It is usually worn at more formal weddings, and paired with a blusher and/or elbow-length veil for two or three-tiered loveliness! You’ll definitely feel like a princess!  




This is the grand dame of them all, the Buck Palace, the Rolls Royce. Even though these things are a pain to manage, they are hands-down the most beautiful veils of them all! This is usually saved for the most formal weddings, but I’ve seen these in outside weddings as well.




Some tips on wearing veils:


-Unless you’re wearing a family (or similar) veil, make sure to buy the dress before you start thinking about veils. Not all of them will suit the look you’re going for.

-Even if you don’t think you’re a “veil person” try one on at your fitting. It will most likely change your way of thinking, and also make your entourage cry (in a good way).

-When you go to your hair trial, and also when you get it done the day of, make sure to bring it with you so the hairdresser can make sure the hairstyle will fit the veil. Also, it helps if a bridesmaid comes along so she can see how it’s secured in, and take it out later without as much hassle.

-Make sure it doesn’t overshadow your dress. If you want to wear a long veil, don’t get a dress with lots of detail in the back. If you really want both, then make sure to take it off for some of the pictures so you can see the beautiful details of your dress as well.




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