Now that you have picked the venue and your hard vendors, it is time to book everyone else. Once your wedding team is in place, you will be less stressed and able to enjoy your engagement. You will have many companies to choose from in each category, some up to 150. Here are some general tips we would like to share to help you find the right companies. 

  • Are they licensed and do they have insurance? 

Why is this number one? Most venues are requiring companies to be licensed and insured to work in their buildings. While weddings generally go off without any major disasters, who pays if something goes wrong? If you have a potluck wedding and there are multiple cases of food poisoning, who is liable? Every professional you hire for your wedding will bear the responsibility for their errors. The venue will only want to take responsibility for their own mistakes; therefore, they will insist everyone has their own insurance. This will also be your biggest sign between someone that does this for a living and a hobbyist. 

  • Do they have backup plans for their backup plans?

This is every wedding professional’s worst nightmare, needing a backup plan. What happens if the electricity goes out at the venue? What would happen if one of your wedding team gets sick on your wedding day? What happens if their equipment breaks or is stolen? What if the rain falls on an outdoor, uncovered wedding? A true professional has so much experience, they have plan A, B, C and sometimes D prepared. They also are the people you want in the case of an emergency because they have the knowledge to help pull your wedding together, regardless of if it is their area of expertise or not. Have you ever seen a photographer repair a tent or a caterer help improvise table arrangements? These are the people you want on your wedding team! 

  • Are they equipped to handle the conditions of your wedding? 

A lot of photographers can shoot beautiful pictures outside, but do they know how to light in a dark space? Caterers are amazing in kitchens, but can they pull up to a field and put on a beautiful plated meal? Can your florist deliver the delicate flowers you want in 100-degree heat? Will your venue have the power supply your full band needs? These are questions true wedding professionals can not only answer but know to ask you if you have thought of these things. 


If you would like help making sure you are hiring the right professionals, make an appointment to see the My Wedding Group showroom and let’s chat about your wedding day!