Posted by myweddinggroup on November 17, 2015

Despite the myth that inexpensive weddings naturally appear second-rate, elegant nuptials can be achieved on any budget. However, doing so with limited funds requires that you prioritize which elements of your wedding are most important to you and set out a plan for allotting funds accordingly. My Wedding Group offers their expertise on how to fashion a beautiful budgeted wedding that looks like a million-dollar affair.

1. When in Doubt, Opt for Simplicity
The enemy of elegance is clutter, so keep your wedding décor streamlined if you're working with a strict budget. Keep the overall look simple instead of trying to execute a ton of DIY details that really should be done by professionals. White, Ivory and all shades of grey are simple and elegant.

2. Plan Your Floral Décor Strategically
Flowers are essential, but a floral bill can quickly bust a budget if you're not careful. Trying to keep your flower budget very low by not having enough flowers on the tables is not going to make you happy! Be smart with your flower choices if on a very tight budget. Don't pick the peonies and the orchids, and you’ll be able to get more flowers for less money. If you're working with a strict budget when it comes to flowers, maybe you should design one large statement piece that guests see when they enter the space. Really impress the guests with the first thing that they see and make it feel luxurious.

3. Limit Your Guest List
Instead of attempting to throw a lavish wedding for 300 guests on a tight budget, crop the guest list. When you try to accommodate 300 people on a tight budget, the results aren't going to be pretty. So treat the people close to you with an unforgettable experience. 

4. Dabble in DIY
You never want to make your wedding a complete DIY process. However, there is one exception: paper items. Ceremony programs, menus, and seating cards can be made in creative ways. You can use the same fonts as used on your invite, you can flat print in color even at your neighborhood printer, etc. This route can be a worthwhile way to save money. 

5. Make Your Entrances Grand
Your guests may not remember an inexpensive linen here or a lack of floral arrangements there, but they will recall their entrance into your wedding. You should never forget the entrance and exit of each event space. If your wedding is casual, decorate using Burlap ribbon which is easy and low in cost, as are 9-inch glass cylinders with floating candles.