CHEF 360

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The CHEF360 catering experience is defined by Chef Peter Collins’ belief in the details. From adding a ribbon to dress up a chair to elevating the ambiance by providing themed props and costumes, each element is carefully planned to deliver the right personal touches for your event. We're a caterer who doesn't miss a thing and are willing to go the extra mile.
While most catering companies work on only the “culinary” part of an event, we handle ALL aspects of it—a 360-degree view if you will. That’s why CHEF360 Catering is “not your mama’s caterer”; we excel at every angle of the event experience:
  • Planning, conceptualizing, and creativity
  • Tastings
  • Limited Décor
  • Equipment
  • Linens
  • Design, logistics and floor plans
  • Menu development
  • Staffing
  • Beverage

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