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Are you ready for the wedding of your dreams? If you’re looking to keep your sanity and not turn into a bridezilla, I’m here to help! With multiple years of experience as a personal stylist, I have an inside look in the industry while providing customized options.

As a bridal and wedding attire stylist, I come alongside you to manage the details of your big day. Starting with your vision and expectations, I’m there to go through each fitting, alteration, and finish off with the white glove day of service. No matter what happens, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve worked as a sales executive for the last ten years in the pharmaceutical industry, and I’ve also been a personal stylist for jewelry and clothing for over five years. This year, I decided to niche into bridal as it’s been a lifelong love of mine. I’m a proud boy mom, fashionista, and I pride myself in being intentional in my relationships. Together, let’s make your special day beautiful!

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