Posted by myweddinggroup on September 23, 2016


Ah, the of the only parts of planning that you can enjoy! I visited Couture Cakes of Greenville this week and was very happy when I left! There are a lot of decisions to make when picking out a cake, so hopefully this will help you make it just a little easier!


First Impressions


Couture Cakes is located right off of Woodruff rd, so it’s very convenient! I didn’t have to travel far, which is something that you will find helpful when having to drive to different places for your wedding.


As soon as you walk in, the smell of delicious cake fills the air! I definitely was craving cake after stepping inside! I also liked that you could see some of the staff working on the other cakes, it was very intriguing watching them sculpt and design the cakes.


Couture Cakes also has a kids area, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them still during the consultation!      


Order of Consultation



Once you sit down, they will first ask you how many guests you are going to invite to determine the size of the cake. Couture Cakes even has different size styrofoam pieces to help you visualize your cake, and help you make the best decision. If you want something more economical, you can get a smaller cake, and add a kitchen cake. A kitchen cake is different than a sheet cake, because once cut, a kitchen cake looks exactly like the regular cake, so your guests wouldn't be able to tell. It’s also cheaper than getting more tiers to your actual cake, since it will be in the back and won't need to be decorated.


Next they will talk about the design. Pictures will help you show the artist exactly what you want. Couture Cakes also has a computer there, so you can look up any other pictures you need.


After you design the cake, then comes the best part: the tasting! You can choose different flavors for each layer, so you can get creative! Couture Cakes has a convenient list of flavors on their website that has every flavor they offer, so you can choose which ones you want to try.  Professionals recommend that you choose a lighter color cake and frosting for the layer you will be cutting into. That way if you get it on your dress, it won't stain as bad. Usually couples freeze the top tier for their one year anniversary, so make sure to choose something that will freeze best, i.e. not fresh fruit.


The last step is price. Once you know the size, the design, and the flavors, they will calculate the price. At Couture Cakes, the quote they give you is good for two weeks, so that way you can go home and make sure it fits your budget. All of the staff at Couture Cakes are very helpful and can answer any questions you may have!


Here are a few questions the owner of Couture Cakes, Susan McMakin, recommends you ask before your cake consultation:


  • How do they deliver?

  • How far in advance do they deliver?

  • Do they have insurance?

  • Do they charge to put fresh flowers on?

  • Do they rent plateaus?

  • Do they supply a box for the anniversary cake?

  • When is the cake actually made?

  • Do they offer Sunday weddings?

  • Is the top tier, or anniversary cake, included in the price quote?

  • Is there a discount for the groom cake?

  • What if something happens to the cake when it’s getting delivered?

  • Is there a back up team if someone gets sick?

I hope these questions and blog help you in making the decision for the perfect cake! I definitely recommend Couture Cakes as a great bakery for your wedding cake!