Now that you have your venue, what do you book next? If you don't have your venue, go back to the first post in this series. The next step is to book your hard vendors.


 A hard vendor is many things. It could be the vendor that you have known you wanted years before you met your fiancé. The band you heard at a cousins wedding or the cake artist that has made every birthday cake you ever had. They are the vendor that you have to have on your wedding day, or you can't get married (picture Chandler from Friends and the Swing Kings). 

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Another hard vendor would be the one wedding a day vendor. This could be any vendor category, and you will find them in every vendor category. These vendors usually have their name in the company name. There are exceptions to the name rule so a question to ask yourself would be if this person would be at your wedding from beginning to end. If they will be with you for 5+ hours, they would , most likely, not be able to book multiple weddings in a day. 

Can a vendor that has teams available be a hard vendor? They absolutely can be! Let's say they have 4 teams they can send on any given Saturday. If you connected with one of the teams the company has and you want to make sure they are at your wedding, they can qualify! 

The last one that we would say is a hard vendor would be the category of your budget that is most important to you. This is a line item in the budget that has more money than most. The reason they would be one of the first booked is because this vendor is what you will remember. There is not a vendor category that is exclusive to this because every couple is different and has varying priorities. If you love flowers and want them everywhere, your priority would be a florist. If you are a "foodie", the caterer would be your priority. Booking them early secures the area you are most excited about. 


If you need help choosing what category might be a hard vendor for you or if you have any general wedding or event questions, please call, message or email My Wedding Group today!