Posted by myweddinggroup on April 6, 2016

Your big day is going to be magical - you are marrying your best friend, after all! But once it is said and done, you may have a few small regrets about your wedding. Here are some of the top regrets that couples have:


1. Short Engagement > Long Engagement

“If I were to go back I would have had a much shorter engagement, probably six months and eight months max.”


2. Hire a wedding planner

“My biggest regret was that I didn't hire a wedding planner to help keep me to a timeline and to also help me sort through all of my ideas. Pinterest can be your best friend when you're googly eyed and excited to get ideas, but it can also be your worst nightmare when you are trying to settle on one theme! A wedding planner would have kept me in line and also would have provided a professional point of view (not an alternative opinion from say, a family member or friend). 

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3. Hire a videographer

“I guess one of my biggest regrets is not having a videographer. Even though a few friends and family members caught a few moments on their phones, it would have been nice to have a full video of the events of the day. Everyone is focused on enjoying the wedding (as they should be) and not so much recording bits and pieces on their phones. Having a pro there to capture everything for us to play back later would have been awesome! The photos are amazing, but I sometimes wonder, for example, what was the song playing while grandma was breakin it down with my friends?”

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5. Take A LOT of pictures of guests

“Not ensuring that the photographer took pictures of each table of guests at the reception. My husband's aunt didn't appear in any of our photos because she's older and didn't get out on the dance floor or move around much. We had prepared a list of photos we wanted taken but in the end we weren't thorough enough.” 

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6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

“I put a lot of pressure on myself to complete all of the little details. If I could do it all over again I would absolutely lean on my wedding party more to help complete some projects. There is no need to work your fingers to the bone when you have awesome people that are willing to help.”


8. Give yourself time between your wedding and honeymoon

“Flying out for the honeymoon the morning after the wedding. We didn't get much sleep, some of our guests were still out partying when we were waking up, and dropping stuff off at our apartment before going to the airport was frantic. I wish I'd considered waiting a day but it didn't really cross my mind when I was booking.” 

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