Posted by myweddinggroup on September 22, 2017


Did you know the average bride spends almost $2,000 on flowers? While you may know exactly the look of what you want, there are so many details to work out with your potential florist to guarantee a successful wedding day.

Thankfully, Scott's Flowers NYC has taken the guesswork out of it for you! Today, we welcome our guest blogger to make your floral day shopping easier. 



One of the most important elements of any wedding is the flowers — from the bouquets to the boutonnieres to the centerpieces at the reception.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which means it probably will be the only time you’ll ever need to purchase flowers on this type of scale.

That makes working with your chosen wedding florist extremely important. You’ll need to obtain a lot of information before deciding which florist can help make your wedding day memorable and stress-free.


Florals by Dahlia a Florist | Photo by Noveli Photography

There’s far more to choosing a successful florist for your wedding than finding the most affordable option (or the most expensive, for that matter).

You need to be confident that the florist you choose for your special day will be able to deliver exactly what you want, and do so without adding any unwanted surprises that would distract from the wedding.


Florals by Sapphire Creek | Photo by Noveli Photography

Your wedding is a momentous day, and it’s too important to leave anything to chance.

When you walk down that aisle, the last thing on your mind should be mentally preparing for an argument with your florist over why the bouquets are so small.

The following checklist (created by Scotts Flowers NYC) lists questions to ask your potential wedding florist. All the best!


Checklist created by Scotts Flowers NYC