Posted by myweddinggroup on January 8, 2016

 This is a list courtesy of the gals at B&R events! It tells a couple what they must and must not do while planning their big day. 



1. Do your guest list first: it’s hard to find a ceremony or reception venue without knowing how many people you are inviting


 2. Set a budget and budget priorities: Crazy about your venue, but not keen on cake? Find out who is contributing and to what part of the big day. The more you know about what your budget is the better planning will be.


 3. Keep Close Tabs on RSVPs: Follow up with your guests. Just because they were too busy to send you back the RSVP card, doesn’t mean they are not coming.


 4. Write Thank You Notes: In a timely manner, even to the people you don’t know, to everyone for everything.


 5.Let the professionals do the work: It never hurts to ask a vendor if something is in their scope of work.



1. Want to change what cannot be changed: Don’t sweat the small stuff, nothing and no one is entirely perfect.


2. Buy a dress too small, and hope it inspired you to lose the weight: It is always easier to have a dress taken in, than let out


3. Create last minute projects: The only thing you should be doing the week of your wedding, is packing for your honeymoon


4. Overload your Mom’s “TO-DO” list: She is a very important part of the day too. She should be able to enjoy the big day as well.


5.Make your bridal party look like clones: Their dresses can match, but maybe let them pick their shoes, hairstyle, or accessories.


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