Posted by myweddinggroup on April 8, 2016

Think your spring wedding has to go by the book? Here are five rules you're allowed to break.


Myth 1: You Can Only Use Pastel Colors

Though many spring brides embrace the softer colors traditionally associated with the season, others are less excited over pastel hues. Pulling off an unexpected palette gives your wedding an element of surprise that will wow your guests and make your day truly unique.


Myth 2: You Need Flowers Everywhere

Spring is undoubtedly a floral bonanza—a huge variety of blooms are in season and easily accessible, which is why so many couples opt for a spring date. But if flowers aren't your thing, there are so many other creative, unusual and gorgeous ways to decorate your space. One way is to incorporate other natural elements, like moss, wheat grass, river rocks or fresh herbs.


Myth 3: You Have To Have a Daytime Wedding

Dreaming of an evening affair? Don't let the season stop you. When some people hear "spring wedding," they immediately assume it's a brunch reception. Brunches are lovely, but they're far from your only option; in fact, they're probably the least ideal option if you want an all-out dance party. Though the days are getting longer, you can still wait until sunset, or even later, for your ceremony.


Myth 4: You Have To Stay Inside

Don't rule out an outdoor wedding for the entire season. When scoping out ceremony and reception sites, remember to ask what other couples used as a rain plan, and what, if any, alternative arrangements need to be made.


Myth 5: Your Attire Should Be Informal

Everyone knows that once the weather warms, dresses can be shorter. Your bridesmaids won't have to worry about freezing in tea-length dresses, but it doesn't mean cropped hems are a must. If formal, floor-length gowns are what you've always imagined, that's great! Same goes for your wedding dress and the guys' attire. No matter what time of year you're getting married, the most important thing to mind is comfort.