Posted by myweddinggroup on May 4, 2016

The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body

Ah, the wedding dress, the one thing a girl will think about for years before she buys it! When you were younger I’m sure you dreamt about a big ball gown with lots of flowers and frills…let’s be honest, we grew up and have a totally different body than we did when we were kids. This guide will help you find the perfect wedding dress for the beautiful figure you have!


Pear Shape

This means you have narrower shoulders and upper body, and wider hips and lower body. An A-line dress will hug your top half, and flow over your bottom half. Think about getting a dress with detail at the top to draw attention to your smallest area.



Lots of women think that if they have this body type, it’s going to be hard to find a flattering dress, when in reality it is actually quite easy. The best shape for you is a something with a corseted bodice and an A-line skirt. The corset will give you a nice waistline, and the A-line skirt will flow out away from your hips.



If you have a small frame, stay away from really big ball gown types of dresses, they will swallow you. It’s best to go for a slender sheath to emphasize your small frame.


Full Chested

If you are highly blessed in the upper region, then an off-the-shoulder or bateau neckline will work best. If you are very proud of your chest, the off-the-shoulder will emphasize, yet hold your prizes in place. If you’re more conservative, the bateau neckline will cover your chest while looking elegant as well. You also want to find a dress with a defined waistline to draw the eye somewhere else, and a built-in bra is always a plus.



A rectangle or “boyish” shape can easily be feminized! Just find a dress with detail and added volume on the chest and the hips to give you more of an hourglass silhouette.



For this shape you really want to show off what you have! Go for a body-hugging mermaid or trumpet dress; They will accentuate your sexy silhouette! Stay away from and overabundance of ruffles and tiers, they will distract the eye away from your body


Always remember you are going to be beautiful no matter what! This will just give you some help on narrowing down which dress to pick! As long as you feel confident, we've done our job!