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The days in and around Valentine’s Day usher in feelings of excitement among lovers. After all, it is a day celebrating romance (well, the whole month of February is about love) and the best time to get engaged, if you ask women on this survey.


Are you thinking of proposing marriage to your partner on this day? If yes, it’s going to be nerve-wracking and tricky as expectations are already high for February 14’s big date. Luckily, you are not on your own in planning the next milestone in your relationship, one that will dictate the course of your lives in the years to come.


It’s going to be the biggest surprise of the year, and you have these ideas for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day proposal. 


Say It with Snow


Take advantage of the February snow, and propose. Many have written their heart’s desire to marry their beloved in the snow. Get inspiration from this guy who waited for the right moment to write “Marry me” on the snowy Chicago park grounds. But that’s not all—he made sure his girlfriend would be able to see it from her office on the 37th floor.


Go the Distance


Head out for a road trip for two. Think of heading somewhere warm and sunny, or visit numerous cities, perhaps. For any winter road trip, like a trip up to the The Cliffs at Glassy Chapel. Make sure you know about road closures and weather conditions. Admittedly, the marriage proposal is an essential part of the logistics of a multidestination trip. As to the exact spot to take out the ring, let spontaneity take over.



Broadcast Your Love 


The iconic Times Square in New York City is home to electronic billboards with 342,074 daily visitors, as of December 2019. You can rent one such billboard to play a video of your proposal. 

The tricky detail is to get your partner out on Times Square to watch the billboard at the right time. You may have to ask the help of their boss for that matter.


Sweeten the Deal  


It’s the season of flowers and chocolates and candies, and you can do more than present these confectionaries on Valentine’s Day. Holly's Cakes and Couture Cakes of Greenville may know the perfect sweet treat to give your Valentine.


Valentine's Desserts by Holly's Cakes



Valentine's Cakes by Couture Cakes of Greenville


Try to arrange a proposal in a candy shop, where a display of your favorite candies on your past dates can be seen. Maybe yet, bite into a bar of a famous chocolate the wrong way, and gain the support of the brand that will send you the 3-D-printed version for a ring carrier. 


Use Roses and Such 


Flowers run the show on Valentine’s Day, and while roses are top choices, daisies, tulips, and peonies are good bets too. If you plan to propose at home, decorate it with flowers to liven the place. The sight of petals from the entryway is a dead giveaway; an alternative is to create a floral arch that can double as a photo wall after the proposal. Take your ideas to some of our amazing florists, Sapphire Blooms, Dalhia a Florist, and Vachy's Creations, that may be able to help you with this special touch. 



Floral Arrangement by Dahlia a Florist


Gather Your Friends and Family 


It’s an experience to ask your partner’s hand in marriage in front of the nearest and dearest to your hearts. Lots of work will go into organizing the event and clearing everyone’s schedules during a busy time. With all these preparations, your partner must know nothing. There are many restaurants in the Greenville area to host a celebration with your loved ones. Check out Larkin's on the River and Table 301 for intimate dinner parties.



Photo by Noveli Wedding Photography at Larkin's on the River Courtyard


Dine and Wine at Home


Instead of making reservations and spending Valentine’s Day in a noisy restaurant, ask your sweetheart to dine with you at home instead. Hire a chef for a feast worthy of your big announcement. Grab a bottle of wine from City Scape Winery and to set the mood of the evening, bring in a small band from Collective Music Solutions, East Coast Entertainment, or The Fortunate Sons and let the soulful music take you somewhere in time. 


Shopping for the Engagement Ring 



Photo by Matthew Pautz Photography


There are many contenders for an engagement ring, but none as sparkling as diamonds are. It can get confusing to choose the perfect one that you can start with the 4Cs: cut, carat, color, and clarity. Among the four, carat gets mentioned the most, along with the cut. 


The popular sizes are as follows:


  • A 1-carat or a full-carat diamond ring is the average size of engagement rings you see nowadays. 
  • A 2-carat diamond ring offers a sweet spot between 1.5 carats and 2.5 carats. 
  • A 2.5-carat diamond ring features a bigger stone but is pricier.  Anything beyond 2.5 carats is markedly expensive. 


To get the most of your money, take time to shop by looking into in-store displays and online catalogs. For price points, you may be better off buying from online jewelers because they offer better pricing and the convenience of shopping. You can also ask for clearer pictures of the product or actual samples in lieu of not seeing the real thing. Online jewelry stores also offer seasonal discounts, so watch out for those. 


Shop online for the best diamond engagement rings, and try any of the above mentioned ideas for your Valentine’s Day proposal. 


Once the proposal has been made, come by the My Wedding Group showroom for a complimentary consultation to book the best wedding vendors in the Upsate of South Carolina!




Thank you to Heather at Brillianteers - Diamond Jewelry for helping us create this amazing and informative article!